Made with natural angus beef
(Substitute Impossible Burger for any option +2)

First Date – 8
american cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, love sauce

Double Date –12
double meat, double cheese, all fixed up

BarBQutie – 11

swiss and cheddar, smoked bacon, tomato, wild arugula, pickled red onion, BBQ sauce 

All Spiced Up – 11
pepper jack, jalapeno, slaw, black pepper bacon, tomato, spicy ketchup 

Hot and Heavy – 13
HUB pastrami, aged swiss cheese, spicy slaw, dill pickles, guldens mustard

Self-Love – 7
( create your own )

cheeses: aged swiss cheese, american, pepper jack
veggies: lettuce, tomato, pickle, spicy slaw, jalapeno, wild arugula
meats: HUB pastrami, smoked bacon
fixings: spicy ketchup, love sauce, guldens mustard, BBQ sauce 


antibiotic and hormone free chicken
a la carte

Fowl in Love – 9
crispy chicken, aged swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, love sauce  

Oh, Honey – 11
BBQ glazed grilled chicken, sharp cheddar, pickled onion, wild arugula, honey mustard 

The Hot Chick – 12
hot fried chicken, pepper jack, spicy slaw, B&B pickle, charred jalapeno mayo

Love Me Tender – 13
hand breaded chicken tenders, spicy slaw, fries, honey mustard and BBQ sauce


(All beef hot dogs) 
a la carte

Old Love – 6
ketchup, yellow mustard, B&B pickle relish 

Sonoran Dog 10
pinto beans, smoked bacon, tomato, onion, tomatillo avocado salsa, charred jalapeno aioli

I ♥ NY – 7
kruat, yellow onion, spicy brown mustard, caramelized onions

Lady and the Tramp 10
HUB pastrami, jalapeno, spicy slaw, guldens


Frenchie Fries – 4
Too Hot to Tots
 – 4
Cole Slaw


breakfast served daily 8 AM — 11 AM

I ♥ JP – 7
buttered bun, 2 eggs, pork sausage, american cheese, crispy hash brown, cholula ketchup 

Love on the Run – 7
buttered bun, 2 eggs, smoked bacon, american cheese, tomato, wild arugula, cyrstals hot sauce aioli

Fast Love – 8
flour tortilla, eggs, smoked bacon, aged cheddar and american, crispy potato 

Left My Heart in Tucson8
flour tortilla, eggs, pork sausage, jalapenos, pepper jack and american, pinto beans 


made with HUB Creamery ice cream

Vanilla Shake  6
Chocolate Shake 
Apple Pie A La Mode
Hot Fudge Sundae


kid's meal includes fries or tots, and a drink

Cheese Burger 7
Hot Dog 7
Chicken Tenders 7
Grilled Cheese 7


Crooked Tooth Lager – 6

Wren House Pilsner  7
Dragoon IPA – 7
Oak Creek Nut Brown – 7

Bottle & Can
Dragoon IPA – 5
Wren House Valley Lager – 6
Tecate – 4
Old Style – 2.5

White Wine
 ( glass or bottle )
La Patience; Chardonnay – 11    42
Ant Moore; Sauvignon Blanc – 9    34
Terra D'Oro; Chenin Blanc Viognier – 11    42
Milou; Rośe – 10    38

Red Wine
( glass or bottle )
Pavette; Pinot Noir – 9    34
Terra D'Oro; Zinfindel – 11    42
La Patience; Merlot – 11    42
Flying Leap (AZ); Tempranillo – 10    38


Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday* 
8 AM — 9 PM

Thursday — Saturday
8 AM — 10 PM

*Closed on Mondays

Made with love in tucson

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